Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

It’s important to do your research before hiring a moving company. Here’s a list of questions to ask movers before you hand over your valuables.

Will you provide a binding or non-binding estimate? Keep in mind that if the company gives you a non-binding estimate, you could be responsible for up to 110% of that cost. With a binding estimate, you are only responsible for the exact estimate.

What are the insurance terms? The company may offer several different types of insurance plans. Some insurance plans do not cover the full amount of lost or damaged items.

Are there any additional costs? Be on the lookout for hidden costs. Ask the company to provide you a list of all additional fees.

How long will the move take? Make sure you understand the timetable for the move.

Do you require a deposit? If the company asks for a large cash deposit or payment in full before the move, be wary.

Do you provide packing services or storage options? Some companies provide optional packing and storage options. If the company does provide these options, make sure you understand how much they will cost

What is your registration number? Commercial moving companies that travel between states should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The company should be able to provide you with its US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Number.

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