Building up to the moving day week by week

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Moving is more than just taking all of your stuff and putting them some other place. In most cases, you have made a comfort zone not just of the house you are leaving, but your neighborhood and your city. The painful part of moving comes not just from packing and unpacking, but leaving a place you have been calling home. You know a doctor, a school, a bank, a gym, and these things cannot go in the moving truck with you.

Here is a week by week suggestion that will help you to better organize and prioritize items that aren’t going in the truck that must be completed before you move.

1 Week of 4 before the move

Before the move, check and record meter readings. Do not linger anything for the last minute. Withdrawing safety deposit box,close bank accounts or changing your cell phone number should be done beforehand.Make sure you set a time to disconnect utility services, telephone or internet connections. Check car-related maintenance get a service for your vehicle that will be on the road. Collect the laundry and pick up the dry cleanings.Let you friends and neighbors know of your new address or phone number.Try to visit all the restaurants, parks, theaters, shops, and anything else that you will not have access to once you move. End your time in this area on the best note possible.Play a game of soccer with your close buds or do something similar. Do the things you enjoy most.

Week 2 of 4 before the move

Visit Salvation Army or thrift Stores. A yard sale for your unwanted stuffs can be fun and lucrative.Settle bills or accounts with local merchants.Return Library books or rented videos. Cancel or transfer gym memberships. Find suitable homes for plants or pets that you will leave and secure vet records for pets. There are a lot of NYC moving companies, find the one that is well acquainted with your move.

Week 3 of 4 before the move

Do not forget to change the address in important cards, personal information and business cards.Let your colleagues know about your new whereabouts.Also remember to transfer prescription and secure medical and dental records.Try to return or get back borrowed Items.Get your loans cleared and update memberships of important services.

The last week before the move

Secure Credit Report and appraise valuables.Research tax-deductible moving expenses.Do an appraisal of current needs and start packing. Large boxes are always good to keep for pillows and blankets. The further you are moving, the more bumps in the road your things will encounter along the way and it is virtually impossible to avoid some damage. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials and a way to clearly label your boxes. Try to pack one room at a time, and keep the cartons from each room together when you load them. In this way it will be a lot easier to unload.

Keep short notes on everything that you might think is important. Assess and reassess to strike out the irrelevant ones and keep the “do’s and don’ts” very precise. Refer your notes to the company you hired and discuss.

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