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Office move checklist to make sure nothing gets left behind or overlooked

Infinity Movers – Your Single Corporate moving source for relocation, transportation and logistics.

Our team of certified corporate moving professionals are ready to safely and efficiently Pack, Store and Move your valued possessions Locally, Long Distance or World Wide. Infinity is committed to providing “on time” superior service to all our clients with total satisfaction being our number one priority.

Infinity’s professional staff will assist you in packing your business’s belongings in the most efficient and secure manner possible. Our staff will make a detailed inventory of the relocated belongings. We have completed many office moves over the years, which gives us the experience to make yours a smooth transition.

In order to avoid confusion Infinity uses a special tagging system that ensures that corporate moving is carried out smoothly, that every item is being relocated rightfully.

We guarantee to save your business time and money, and all that accompanies with a service of a quality with no competition. Let Infinity Relocation guide you to your next destination, Infinity Movers Dedicated to making relocation smooth and stress-free. Here’s a simple checklist to make sure nothing gets left behind or overlooked: Corporate Relocation Services Astoria

  • Desk empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • “Do Not Move” tags placed?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Desk pads and chair pads labeled?
  • Have a set of spare keys available.
  • Make sure the electricity works.
  • Make sure the bathrooms work.
  • Don’t forget to throw away (or use as scratch paper) any old stationary that has your old address on it and create new stationary with the new address on it.

For a stress free office move call Infinity Moving & Storage.

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