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We appreciate your interest in our moving and storage services.

Infinity Moving & Storage your one-stop shop for all your moving needs.
Infinity Moving & Storage NYC offers complete moving and storage services designed to meet the particular needs of our customers. Infinity Moving & Storage NYC managed to build itself a reputation that entails no competition in the tri-state.

Residential Moving Services in NYC is the core business of Infinity Moving & Storage.

Every year residential movers, Infinity Moving & Storage moves thousands of families into new homes in New York City. We make your experience with our residential moving service pleasant in a stress free environment, utilizing all of our resources and experience.

Infinity Moving & Storage has over 15 years experience as residential movers in New York.
Infinity Moving & Storage is a dedicated and experienced family business with extremely high standards when catering to our customers. We are ready to counsel you through every step in the process of residential moving. We even provide cleaning kits to help you clean your old and new house.

Infinity Moving offers a quality packing service, professional crew, liveried vehicles, and a modern storage. Our movers also arrive equipped with a wide variety of boxes and packing materials on the truck. Our Storage is near public transport, so we are easy to find and close by when you need your things.

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A quick history of New York
The region was inhabited by about 5,000[1] Lenape Native Americans at the time of its European discovery in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer in the service of the French crown, who called it “Nouvelle Angoulême” (New Angoulême).[2] European settlement began with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement, later called “New Amsterdam,” on the southern tip of Manhattan in 1625.[1] Dutch colonial Director-General Peter Minuit purchased the island of Manhattan from the Lenape in 1626 (legend, now disproved, gives the price as $24 worth of glass beads).[3] In 1664, the English conquered the city and renamed it “New York” after the English Duke of York and Albany.[4] At the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War the Dutch let the British keep New Amsterdam (New York) in exchange for the more valuable Run in the East Indies. By 1700, the Lenape population was diminished to 200.

New York City grew in importance as a trading port while under British rule. In 1754, Columbia University was founded under charter by King George II as King’s College.[6] The city emerged as the theater for a series of major battles known as the New York Campaign during the American Revolutionary War, serving for more than seven years as the main base of British operations in North America (1776-1783). The Continental Congress met in New York City and in 1789 the first President of the United States, George Washington, was inaugurated at Federal Hall on Wall Street. New York City was the capital of the United States until 1790.

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