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Relocating a whole office can be a daunting task and requires proper planning and efficient use of resources. Firms usually relocate to reduce the cost of facilities, attract newer customers, build a better supply chain or in search of a more competent labor force. Albeit the cost-benefit analysis of moving there is also the very task of moving all you equipment, furniture, files etc.

Before your move you should announce the news to your employees as well as a step by step plan of the whole relocation. This will enable the employees to understand what they will need to pack and what they may need to leave behind. You need to hire an office moving company in Long Island City to assist you and guide you through the process of relocation. The moving company should visit your office and do a thorough check of all your items and inventory all the items that will be moved. This will enable them to present to you a proper and legitimate estimate of your costs. You should never go for over the phone price quotations as reputed firms always sends a team for on-site inspection and over the phone quotations usually involves a scam.

You should tell the moving company about any special equipment which may require special moving requirements. You may be charged above rate if you do not inform them of this beforehand. The experts are quite knowledgeable in these areas so you should listen to them as their advice may be quite valuable.

Carry as less as possible for reduced costs. Consider a mobile shredding truck for shredding the old papers. You should take inventory of all items yourself especially the high value ones. Assign someone to be in charge of the task. Note down any pre-existing damage. Don’t hesitate to check the insurance coverage of your move and also investigate the insurance coverage of the moving company. Your IT equipment is quite sensitive so call in your IT specialists to ascertain any special needs for the equipment. The moving company often provides IT specialists and assistance for installing the equipment at the new location. There should be a team assigned to be on-site during the move for quick decision making and monitoring whether everything is going as planned.

You should take care of the lease agreements well before the moving date. At your new location, you have to reserve the freight elevator in advance to be able to use it. Also there is a certain time of the day when moving is allowed so you need to make sure of it. If you are moving out of state, for example, from Jersey City to Long Island City then make sure that all the necessary documents and licenses are in place.

The most important thing is to make sure that your move will be worthwhile. You don’t want to go through these excruciating hassles to find that you are left with the same problems in the new location. So proper planning is of utmost importance.

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