Checklist for Moving an Office

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Office relocation is an arduous and cumbersome task if you do not know what exactly to do. Experts in this field have evolved a checklist to aid you in the process of office relocation.

Main things to do while moving your business or office are:

  • Determine a plan containing time frame for moving and a schedule for moving.
  • Evolve a communications plant to let all stakeholders-suppliers, customers and other important entities know about the move.
  • Make a list of responsibilities and tasks to be carried out by all individuals associated with the company and assign the tasks to each individual.
  • If you are moving a large company, set up a moving committee to aid in organizing the move and to keep the move on the path.
  • Keep employees abreast of the move and get them involved with the company plan. Ensure that they are clear of their roles and expectations regarding them. For instance, they must be notified in advance whether they should pack up their cubicle by themselves.
  • Decide on the set up of the new office and its looks: Ensure that you know the location of the new offices and where the office equipment must be located.
  • Acquire quotes from companies like Office Moving Companies in Queens. Check their references and if necessary, hire their services.
  • Contact current providers of service to the company and apprise them of your move. Ensure that new providers are aware of details like date of installing services like water, fax, telephone lines, postal services, internet, courier services, etc.
  • If you need special technical assistance in moving and setting up equipment like computer network, photo copier, or telephone lines, ensure that you book this well in advance so that services start operating just after you move in.
  • Establish a packing schedule. Determine what must be packed first and what last.
  • Buy packing supplies like cardboard and metal boxes.
  • Give packing instructions to employees or professional packers. Ensure boxes are packed properly with labels and information about contents.
  • Prepare furniture for transporting and relocating. Label each piece so it will be placed at the right spot in the new office room. This can be done by numbering areas on a blueprint map of the new office. Storage services in Queens can take care of your furniture while office is being set up.

These are some of the tips on how to relocate your business.

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