Operating a Business While Moving

office moveWhen you are moving your business, it is vital to keep the downtime minimum. The time lost by the company when it reduces its business, or shuts down its services is translated into lost revenue. It may also imply permanent loss of revenue as customers take their business elsewhere.

For success of the company, it is important to keep it running while making relocation. The first task is to create a moving plan that is communicated to employees and the public.

The plan seeks to answer the following questions:


  • Should an outside consultant be hired? It is good to hire a moving consultant especially if you are short of time or personnel. Office Moving Companies in Brooklyn can help you in the task of planning and implementing relocation. A move will involve time, energy and human resources. So in your budget for moving, staff time must be calculated as an expense. When you hire a moving company, make sure it is within your budget. Estimate how many employees will be required to plan and implement your move. Often, it is worthwhile to hire an outside consultant to take care of your moving
  • What type of communication plan must you follow? A key to moving plan is a communication’s plan. For a medium to a large business plan, you must prepare an internal and external communication’s plan. With the internal plan, employees need to be kept abreast of the company plans before it is revealed to the public. An internal plan will include responsibilities of employees, information about meetings where employees will be consulted and tasks that need to be completed. The key fact is that more the employees are involved in the move, the more they will help the company during relocation. The public must also be involved in the plan- a typical concern to be addressed is who to turn to if they need products or services while company is relocating. For instance, storage services in Brooklyn help in smoothing the process of relocation. All business information must be updated.
  • When to move? The timing of the move depends on the type of business. Some businesses flourish in summer, so it is best to move in winter. Some businesses peak over weekends, so it is wise to move during weekdays.
  • How much time will be required? It depends on the amount of stuff you need to move. Some companies can move within the space of one or two days while others may take weeks.

These are some questions that will help you operate a business while moving.

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