Three Tips for Moving with a Family

Moving is tough enough, but it can get even more complicated when you have children to worry about. Here are three tips for moving with a family:

1) Involve Kids in the Planning.

Try to involve your children in the moving process as much as possible right from the beginning. From the start, you can include your children in the home selection process. Consider creating a family time line for the move, so your kids can know what to expect. Then, host periodic family meetings to update everyone on what’s going on and allow kids to voice their opinions.

2) Get Rid of Extra Stuff Together.

Moving is the perfect time for your family to get rid of extra stuff, so you won’t have to move as much. It’s time for everybody can go through their own items and choose which things they want to donate, toss out or sell.

Younger children may need assistance with sorting items, but older children should be able to do most of the sorting themselves. Consider hosting a family garage sale before your move and then donating the extra items to charity. The family can even vote on a charity together.

3) Leave Some Things to the Professionals.

Although, there are many things you can do as a family to make the move easier, one of the best decision you can make is to leave the hard stuff to the professionals. Infinity Moving & Storage has more than fifteen years of experience as residential movers in New York City. Our quality packing services and modern storage solutions are designed to make your moving experiences as stress-free as possible.

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