Tips for Employees While Moving Business

Office Moving Companies in Long Island CityRelocating business is a stressful time for all stakeholders including employees. Most businesses require employees to move their stuff personally like fling cabinet, desk, as well as, personal items.

Use the following tips to minimize stress on the D-day when the business moves:

  • Request Your Boss For Information: First consult your boss to find out whether there are any requirements or restrictions while the business is moving. Ask whether there will be change in office space, new furniture, new hardware and size of drawer and desk. Ensure you know the plan of action while moving including date of moving, furniture you need to discard and what to do with unnecessary documents. It would be ideal if you can get hold of the blue print of the new office and find out where you are located in this office. This will guide you to decide on what to take to the new office including plants, files, pictures etc. Office Moving Companies in Long Island City may be used by your company and you can enlist their help in deciding what to take to the new office.
  • Packing Away the Filing Cabinet: The foremost task is to sort out the filing cabinet and clear the clutter. It is a long and arduous task. To begin with, classify documents into ones for retaining, shredding and recycling. This might be part of the protocol of the company but if it isn’t, request for information. When you know the company’s requirements, sift through the files, piling them up in three bundles: to recycle, to shred and to take, separating all three. Arrange the files in order (alphabetically, numerically etc) in particular boxes. Do not keep files in boxes that are too big lest they get shuffled during transit. Remember to mark boxes with numbers or information about their contents. Number the boxes to know which to unpack first.
  • Packing Your Desk: To pack away the desk, empty out its contents and sort through supplies like notepads, office clips etc. Retain some and donate the rest to charity or to people you know who need them. You must only take those items to your new office, which you need absolutely. It is good if your employer knows beforehand the nature of your future cabin and the supplies that you will need- old or new.

For moving office, you may take the help of professionals like commercial moving companies in Long Island City to ease your tensions and hassles of shifting to a new place.

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